Surgical Roof Repair Experts

Are you struggling to find the source of a wicked water leak.  We’re the right company to call when that brown stain is growing on your ceiling or running down your wall but you can’t find the real leak.  It is part science, part art and part stubborn to be able to find a small hole in your shingles or a ripped shingle of some other problem that creates just enough of a gap for water to pour in during those big storms.

We use special equipment, special training and the roofing “fine-toothed” comb to figure our where that sneaky trickle of water is coming from.

This site is going to provide some tips and ideas.  We will discuss why leaks can be so hard to find and how the repairs should be carried out once the damage has been found.

Check back often and discover which new projects we are working on and which mysteries we have solved for our newest customers.